A small selection of feedback

I first met Ben several years ago at a Simon Coulson 3 day IM course. I was instantly blown away by his knowledge, expertise and professionalism. He was the person who truly opened my eyes to the awesome power of video and how it would change online marketing forever. Since then it has done just that.

I now have a video agency with high value clients and we help those people clarify their message and skyrocket their RoI using video. I pretty much attribute where I am today to Ben Brophy.

Brian Kennedy

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Again, another extremely thought-provoking day with the usual great content and ideas. One of the best takeaways for me was the re-purposing of material. So that with a video, I can separate the audio and produce a podcast and from the podcast, I can produce a transcript/article/blog and the resources & tips you shared to do these. What a fantastic time saver - will repay the investment in this training 100x over!

Russ Chapman

Ben Brophy is a rare man; a man of honour, heart, integrity and vision.

Ben has helped me throughout the years, in many ways to find my way through social media and has helped my businesses successfully set up & utilize video & podcasts.

A gentle teacher and a successful one
I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone.

Fiona Arrigo

Internationally acclaimed Psychotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Mentor & Life Teacher, founder of The Arrigo Programme

This training was simply fantastic! I am not a technical lady so was a little bit afraid when I jumped in the class but now after those couple of hours spent with you and the rest of the class mates, I can tell that I am ready to do my first Podcast, and many others because in addition of this, lots of ideas came when we were doing the practical.

I would definitely recommend this training &/or your private coaching services. You are a fantastic coach so thank you again to support us in our journey!

Vanessa Joly-Calpas

Thank you Ben, your course was incredibly helpful, extremely informative and humorous too!

I am so pleased to have been on this course with you and would wholly recommend you anytime!

Vivien Mitchell

Business Director, New Leaf Homes

Thank you very much for the great day. I was so impressed it was absolutely brilliant.

I'm very excited as using just a couple of the tips you shared I already put up a video yesterday afternoon on Facebook it’s gone nuts and already at 2.7k views!

Thanks for your inspiration and your course - it's been the best course I've ever done!

Thanks again. Best value and what a day!

Matthew Jackson, BSc (Hons) Ost, Dip Ac/CHM (China), Pg Dip CHM (OBS/GYN), Pg Cert US (MSK), BMUS, MRCHM

Founder Somerset Health Practice

To me as a coach, it’s also where Ben is coming from when he’s training. This guy really cares that the people in his classroom GET this information. So it’s not just that it’s delivered with a huge amount of consideration towards the end product but it’s also delivered with an absolute commitment that each individual really does get the best from it….and the combination of those two makes this unbeatable. I THOROUGHLY, thoroughly recommend it!

Paul Hornsey-Pennell

Coach to Premiere League Clubs & Directors

Gold, gold, and more gold ... is the only way to describe Ben Brophy's Online Video Academy 1-day Video Marketing FastTrack Workshop. This course is impressively packed with content which is delivered in a way even those technically-challenged would find easy-to-follow and practical. Having been on a number of similar courses recently, I can easily say it is exceptional value for money and absolutely AWE-AND-THEN-SOME! Thank you Ben, for sharing your expertise, experience and energy! 

Stefania Giangregorio

Personal Development & Business Growth Consultant

I'm so grateful for my last minute decision to change onto the Internet Business School at a recent event. I feel like it was divine intervention. As I would not have come across Ben Brophy & The Online Video Academy. If you are researching as to whether you should consider attending any of their courses, I would advise just do it. What Ben teaches you is Gold and you get over & above what you have invested. This course has been my best investment to date. Thank you so much. Just do it!

Lisa Marsh - 

Lisa Marsh

I can't thank Ben enough for the information he imparted during our coaching session.

He shared resources with me that I never knew existed and gave me amazing ideas to move my business forward.

Ben is the ultimate professional and exceptionally knowledgable on all things online marketing. He's both encouraging and practical with his advice, and it's very evident he wants you to succeed.  I'm so excited about putting his suggestions into action. My next steps are now crystal clear and that's exactly what I needed.  Thank you Ben!

Sonia Rosenblatt


I have been fortunate to be trained by Ben Brophy on Video, building websites & more during my time as a student of Simon Coulson's Internet Business School. 

Ben is an excellent and very talented trainer.  He is able to collate and communicate large pieces of material into chunks to enable learning of key concepts, as well as providing detail on those important points. 

He double checks throughout the process to ensure that the concepts have been understood.     

He also goes the extra mile by providing additional information to assist in empowering the student. 

After my training with Ben, I always go away feeling like I have learnt a lot and received additional material which is crucial to my development but which was not expected. 

Thank you Ben for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and for your patience; positivity and generosity.  

Sharon Robson

Lawyer, Educator

Wow Ben, thank you. Based on what we discussed in our call I've realised that actually compared to how I had been thinking, everything in my life is perfect.

Thank you for helping put my mind back on track. I just had the best ride on my horses this morning, prepping for the show on Sunday. I am sure he was thinking 'thank God you ditched all that mental drama because I didn't know whether I was coming or going'. 

Have a great weekend and thank you once again. 

Katie Boyd

Hello Ben, thank you very much for another wonderful day's teaching and I've really enjoyed learning how to add sound, how to do recordings, add music,  how to edit, how to check the levels, and see how easy it is just to add a whole lot of new tracks all at once and to create & share a podcast from scratch. 

I've really enjoyed the whole day and I've really learned so much and I thought podcasting would be a really difficult thing, but going through it step by step, you've made it really easy, so thank you very much.I've had a lovely day. Thank you, Ben.

You always give more than a hundred percent, more like  200% value. Thank you. 

Annabel Toal

Just to say you’re Podcasting course was incredible.

I’ve heard so many Gurus talking about how great Podcasting is but none of them explain how to do it in a practical and enjoyable way. You did today, RESPECT!!

I now feel confident about setting up my new Podcast Channel and using this additional platform to get my message out there.

There is so much added value within this course therefore I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone that has a message to share with the world.

Thanks again Ben, your content is consistently great!!

Phil Akilade


“He is one of the nicest, most humblest gentlemen I have ever met, so I absolutely recommend you to come & spend time with Ben Brophy because he is just incredible. And the knowledge, oh my god, is amazing.

Sally Anne Smith

Dale Carnegie Trainer, SAS Training Solutions

Yesterday was HUGE for me; huge content and a massive amount to learn.  

The day course was absolutely first class; your style of presentation (for me because I have a logical brain and have to learn the sequence of something) was well planned, well set out and I love the interaction and Q&A. The length of time was spot on.  I don't think I could have absorbed much more.  

I am sincere when I say that you really give your clients value AND THEN SOME. 

Christina McAnaspie

Hi Ben. What a great day last week. Without a doubt, you give us 110% with your training & also your webinars. With plenty of extra little tips that come into your mind as you speak & generously share.

I could see that people were mind blown with the good stuff you were giving us.  

I wish that I was 50-60 years younger as I had to drive all over the country to learn things, buy now you can contact people through the internet. Great stuff Ben and have a good trip. You said you would be away for a while, well they are in for a treat. I feel you are one of the best lecturers I have come across in my 82 years of learning. Good luck & stay safe.

John Lovett

Thanks Ben for all your coaching, content and support at the course. We really found it useful. We thought you were highly professional, empathic and had a genuine desire for people to succeed; which in contrast to recent experiences was really refreshing and reassuring.

Your personal style is endearing and your passion to support others comes across in your delivery. 

Dr Rani Kaur

Ben is an expert in his field - he is extremely generous in sharing all his vast knowledge, experience and expertise.

Whether you want to grow your business and need help with the minefield of all the different strategies, platforms, getting your self known, producing videos and audios or all the other things you know you need to do and all the things you don't know, you don't  know....well Ben knows! 

He is an excellent coach and has an amazing ability to get you moving forward in your business by concentrating on what you really need to do right now as well as understanding the bigger picture. He helps you to grow into your potential. He will show you, explain it and you end up being able to do it and do it well! All down to his calm professionalism. He has so many strengths and this he passes on to us, his customers. I owe Ben a lot and I am very grateful for the increase in my confidence and expertise which is now bringing me the success I am after. I highly recommend you seek Ben's invaluable coaching services if you are serious about improving your business and soon! Thank you Ben.

Angie Vaughn

I wanted to personally thank you for all the excellent training, mentoring and support that you have given me and the Platinum community. But specifically on a personal level. The tools & insights you've unselfishly imparted have made a huge impact for me. Sending huge respect, gratitude and blessings to you and your family. Thank you.

Anwar Butt

Property Manager

Hi Ben, Just a quick thank you for consistently giving value to me and all the others. I don't think anyone has inspired me as much as yourself during my journey over the past 7 months. I feel truly blessed.

Alex Rosborough

Director, Cheshire Digital Marketing

What a star. I wish I’d have met Ben years ago. He’d have saved me so much!

Karmin Meckael

Speaker, coach, trainer,

If you are researching as to whether you should consider attending any of their courses, I would advise just do it. What Ben teaches you is Gold and you get over & above what you have invested. This course has been my best investment to date. Thank you SO much. Just do it!

Minh Tu

A phenomenal day's training. Really learning about the leading edge of internet marketing, you come away with SO much.

Richard Bannister

Founder of BeauSynergy Skin & Beauty

You're amazing! You've given me so much to think about and so much motivation 😊

I'm committed to moving forward, even if it will take a while. The most important roadblocks are now removed.

Ina Ballik

Phoenix FTA Ltd

The course on Saturday was amazing, a fantastic venue and the content was brilliant – covered so much stuff in such a straight forward & non-tech way. 

I really enjoyed the interaction with the other candidates too, there was a lovely mix of interesting and pro-active people.

An excellent day, time and money very well spent.  Thank you so much.

Fiona Pruden

Wicked Watercolours

Just about to settle in for a couple of hours of Facebook content gathering based on what we talked through yesterday. 

Cannot wait to implement some of the things we discovered and discussed - I know they are going to save us so much time & money!

Thanks for an absolutely brilliant day yesterday. You overdelivered as usual - what a great room to be in!

Jeremy Mason

Founder, Motion Picture Stills & Video

Brilliant to meet you this weekend, thank you so much for all of the exceptional training content and support you gave over the three days, it was extremely beneficial, inspiring & practical.

Richard Peutherer


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