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    Learn how to easily record, edit & share audio & podcasts, be it through private channels or across the leading audio sharing platforms 

  • Video Marketing

    Tools, resources & training to help connect & share your message online through video

  • Coaching, Mentorship, Ideas

    Identifying what you want & how to get there as easily as possible

  • Livestreaming & YouTube

    Harnessing the power of live-streaming & the world's largest library - YouTube

  • Book writing, eBooks & Audiobooks

    Everyone has at least one book inside them. Write & publish a book (eBook, audiobooks, physical)

  • Digital & Offline Marketing

    Helped 1000's cut through the noise & access best marketing tips, tools & ideas, training individuals, groups & companies

  • Online Course Creation

    Online Course creation - packaging & sharing skills & abilities.

  • Welcome

    Empathic, experienced, heart-centred support

  • Powerful Ideas

    What impact could even one powerful idea or tool have on your life or business?

  • Purpose, Perspective & Clarity

    Helping identify what is most important to you - short & long term

Making life happier & easier, assisting individuals & businesses with...

"A man of honor, heart, integrity & vision. A gentle & compassionate natural teacher."

Fiona Arrigo

Internationally acclaimed Psychotherapist, intuitive healer, mentor & life teacher, founder of The Arrigo Programme

To me as a coach, it’s also where Ben is coming from when he’s training. This guy really cares that the people in his classroom GET this information. So it’s not just that it’s delivered with a huge amount of consideration towards the end product but it’s also delivered with an absolute commitment that each individual really does get the best from it….and the combination of those two makes this unbeatable. I THOROUGHLY, thoroughly recommend it!

Paul Hornsey-Pennell

Coach to Premiere League Clubs & Directors

“He is one of the nicest, most humblest gentlemen I have ever met, so I absolutely recommend you to come & spend time with Ben Brophy because he is just incredible. And the knowledge, oh my god, is amazing.

Sally Anne Smith

Dale Carnegie Trainer, SAS Training Solutions

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